Autumnal musings

I used to think that I didn’t like Autumn very much. Perhaps the proximity of Winter, with all the cold, colourless, lifeless implications used to fill me with dread and fear. Funny really, but as I’ve chalked up each passing year, I find I’m less disturbed by the season than I once was.

As a teacher of course, Autumn brings new students, new ideas, new colleagues, new books, new technology and renewed commitment to excellence – this year I want my students to be even more successful, happier and more inspired than ever before. When I stopped feeling this way, I knew it was time to do something else. To do something for myself instead. To feed my own soul.

Autumn certainly does that. Colour is my lifeblood. It is everything in my world. I rejoice everyday that I am able to see colour, to appreciate its beauty, to discern almost imperceptible differences and to take pleasure from them. Autumn most definitely has colour.

I’m pleased to offer a few new autumnal images, which were captured yesterday as the evening began to draw in – there was that glorious special light that this time of year brings. I’ve too infrequently walked on The Stray in Harrogate. It is simply glorious right now. I’ll let you judge for yourself of course.

Somehow, I think I’ll be going over again in the next few days.



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